Emperor Scorpion Fact Sheet

Common Name:

Emperor Scorpion

Scientific Name:

Pandinus imperator

Wild Status:

CITES Appendix II; They are not threatened but their trade is limited to prevent them from becoming endangered due to the pet trade.


Rainforest, Savanna


West Africa


Underground beneath soil and rocks.

Life Span:

6-8 years


7.9 in; 30 g

Cool Facts:

  • Emperor scorpions will burrow up to 6 ft into a termite nest in order to catch prey.
  • You can tell whether an Emperor scorpion is a male or female by looking behind their last set of legs and looking at a comb like structure, known as pectines. Males will have longer pectines and females will have short pectines.
  • Emperor scorpions is fluorescent under UV lights. it appears as a bright greenish- blue color.
  • Their venom is considered mild and is mainly used for catching prey.
  • Emperor scorpions are prey to birds, bats, some mammals, and spiders.


Emperor scorpions are one of the largest and most popular species of scorpions. Their average length as adults is 7.9 inches. Their tail curves upwards over the body and contains a pointed stinger. They point their large pincers forward so that they are ready to defend themselves or catch prey. Their body is sectioned and rigid but allows for flexibility. They are found across the rainforests and some open savanna areas  in West Africa. They primarily feed on termites and other terrestrial invertebrates but are often observed to feed on invertebrates such as small lizards and mice. Adult Emperor scorpions rely mainly in their pincers to catch prey. Juvenile scorpions rely on their venomous sting while catching prey.

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Arachnida Order: Scorpiones Family: Scorpionidae Genus: Pandinus Species: P. imperator

Conservation & Helping:

Emperor scorpions have not been evaluated by the IUCN Red list, however, they are listed in Appendix II by CITES. They are extremely popular in the pet trade and are commonly used in research studies so their trade is regulated to prevent future damage to their populations.

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