Gavial Fact Sheet

Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Gavialis gangeticus

Wild Status:

Critically Endangered


Riverine Habitat


All Indian subcontinent countries.


Riverbanks and River water

Life Span:

60 years


females up to 15 ft, males up to 20ft

Cool Facts:

  • Gavials are specialized at eating fish using their specialized snout.
  • The bulbous structure at the end of its snout is called a ghara. Males can emit buzzing sounds using their gharas.
  • Gavials are more closely related crocodiles compared to other crocodilians.
  • Gavials are the only members of the Gavialidae family.


The gavial is a large crocodilian, with males growing up to 20 ft long. Females are smaller, growing

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Conservation & Helping:

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