Spinosaurus Fact Sheet

Common Name:

Spinosaurus aegypticus

Scientific Name:

Egyptian spine lizard

Wild Status:

Cretaceous Period, 112-93.5 MYA


Northern Africa


Countries in Africa



Life Span:



50 feet long, 15 feet tall at the hips (20 at the sail), 7-10 tons

Cool Facts:

  • There is much debate over the exact function of Spinosaurus’s spectacular sail. Some believe it was used for thermoregulation, others for display, while some think it may have supported a muscular hump like that of a bison. Some of the spines grew to be nearly 7 feet long.
  • Because its relatives had extremely long and robust forelimbs, some scientists have suggested that Spinosaurus may have been partially quadrupedal. However, due to this dinosaurs’ inability to pronate their wrists to have the palm facing the ground, this is not likely.


  • Spinosaurus is the only dinosaur that seems to be adapted for a semiaquatic lifestyle. It had an elongated, narrow snout that was crocodilian in shape with conical teeth, sensory pits along the jaws, and nostrils placed high on the head. The feet were flat and likely webbed, the tail was highly flexible, and its limb bones were solid to act as a buoyancy aide in the water. By specializing in aquatic prey, Spinosaurus was able to avoid directly competing with the other predators which shared its environment.

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Chordata Class - Reptilia Order - Saurischia Family - Spinosauridae Genus - Spinosaurus Species - S. aegypticus

Conservation & Helping:

The Spinosaurus is currently extinct, and was believed to exist 112 - 93.5 Million Years Ago

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