White Spotted Jelly Fact Sheet

Common Name:

White-Spotted Jellyfish, Floating Bell

Scientific Name:

Phyllorhiza punctata

Wild Status:

Least Concern


Oceans and coastal warm waters


Primarily Australia and have migrated


surface of murky water

Life Span:

up to 7 years


up to 20 inches

Cool Facts:

  • The White Spotted Jellyfish's diet consists mostly of plankton.
  • White Spotted Jellyfish reproduce sexually and asexually.
  • The White Spotted Jellyfish's venom is mild compared to others.
  • One of the ways in which the White Spotted Jellyfish has migrated is by attaching itself onto the hulls of boats.
  • The White Spotted Jellyfish are considered to be an invasive species.
  • The White Spotted Jellyfish like to travel in large groups.
  • On Sunset Beach, North Carolina a White Spotted Jellyfish, one of the largest, was recorded at 28 inches wide.
  • White Spotted Jellyfish are part of the Cnidaria family.


The White Spotted Jellyfish are native to Australia and have migrated to many other areas.  They have just one opening in their digestive system.  They are able to move by floating and reliance on ocean currents and winds. In order to circulate seawater and nutrients they use muscle contraction of their bell and  tentacles. The White Spotted Jellyfish has 2 stage life cycle. The first stage is the polyp (juvenile) stage and then the medusa (adult) stage.  They are filter feeders because they don't contain enough venom in their tentacles to kill prey.      

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Species:punctata Genus:Phyllorhiza Order:Rhizostomeae Class:Scyphozoa Phylum:Cnidaria Kingdom:Animalia

Conservation & Helping:

The White Spotted Jellyfish is a threat to different species of shrimp. They consume massive amounts of plankton, eggs and larvae which is causing an issue for the fishing industry. They also got tangled up in fishing nets and can ruin fishing gear. The consumption of large amounts of plankton are causing other marine animals to not have enough to eat. As of now, nothing is being done to remedy the situation.

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