Wild Boar Fact Sheet

Common Name:

Wild Boar

Scientific Name:

Sus scrofa

Wild Status:

Least Concern


Varies from boreal taigas to deserts but mainly occupy a wide variety of forests.


Native range: Most Asian and European Countries; North Africa / Introduced: Uncludes most of Austrailia, Southeast and Western United States


ground, between tall grass and vegetation

Life Span:

10-14 years


Varies from subspecies from 110-600 lbs

Cool Facts:

  • Some European species have been historically recorded to weigh over 750 lbs, but boars of that size are rarely observed in modern times because they do not live long enough.
  • They are preyed by many medium-large sized felids, as well as dholes, and komodo dragons. Generally specking, the grey wolf is its' main predator in most of its' range.
  • The wild Boar is an omnivore, feeding on roots, berries, garbage, invertebrates, vertebrates, carrion.
  • Piglets are the most vulnerable. Adult boars are rarely disturbed by predators.
  • Wild boars are incredibly adaptable and have become invasive species in areas they have been purposely introduced.


Wild boars are small to medium sized pigs. They are short, growing to a maximum shoulder height of 37"but are stout and strong, with their body rest in on four relatively short and thin legs. They're head is bulky, making up about a third of their body length. They have limited mobility in their necks, and use their head size to their advantage to dig and move large rocks. Males grow curved tusks that they use to defend themselves. They have small eyes and long ears. Their body is covered in bristle-like hair. Wild boar subspecies color varies from black, reddish brown, to brown. Wild boar piglets have a striped pattern  that alternates between light and dark horizontal stripes. Some boar species, like the Central European and Indian boar, have larger bristles that stand upright along their backs. They thin, short tails has larger bristles at the tip.

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family:  Suidae Genus: Sus Species: S. scrofa

Conservation & Helping:

The wild boar is listed as a species of least concern on the IUCN Red List. There have been efforts to slowly increase population in certain introduced regions where they have been introduced for the purpose of hunting and sport hunting.

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