Fun and Excitement for All – A Petting Zoo for Birthday Parties

Fun and Excitement for All – A Petting Zoo for Birthday Parties

When you are trying to figure out what to do for your child’s upcoming birthday party, you want to come up with ideas that are going to be entertaining for everyone in attendance. Holding the attention of the kids at the party is pretty important if you do not want things to descend into chaos, but you also want entertainment that will keep any adults in attendance interested as well. Striking the right balance for all of this can be tricky, but there are some avenues available to you that will work well. One such idea is to explore the use of a petting zoo for birthday parties like what we offer at The Critter Squad.

Great for all Ages

While most people immediately assume that a petting zoo party is something only little kids will love, the truth is that we provide parties for kids and adults of all ages. Our parties are a great way to introduce different animals and reptiles to a younger audience so that they can learn all about the animals, how they live and what they do, but older kids and adults can get just as much out of one of our parties as well. Many of the animals we have are animals you may only have seen pictures of or perhaps glimpsed in a zoo. A party like this gives you a chance to handle the animal personally and learn all about them with the first-hand experience.

A Great Education

Part of the fun of having petting zoos for birthday parties, besides getting the chance to interact with the animals directly, is that you get to learn more about animals you may have always been interested in. If your child has a particular love for a certain snake, lizard or another reptile, when that animal is present at the party, they will get information from one of our experienced educators and handlers so that they can learn important details about the animal. This makes the entire occasion more fun.

Arrange for a Petting Zoo

If you are a parent or adult interested in learning more about the petting for birthday parties that we have available, please contact us at The Critter Squad by calling 818-654-9433. You can speak with a member of our staff, ask questions and find out about the different party packages we have available so you can schedule just the right fun for your party.