Have A Fund Raiser with Critter Squad and all our Amazing Animals!

When it comes to raising money to support your school, church or youth group, Fund Raisers can be a fantastic way to raise awareness and revenue for them. The best fund raisers have many fantastic things to offer and what better way to attract guests to your fund raiser than to have animals at your event!


Critter Squad offers all sorts of fantastic public event options for your fundraisers.  Imagine a show or presentation where we bring on some of our biggest and exotic animals and educate the public on all sorts of amazing facts about the awesome creatures we have to show! Along with presentations,  we also offer other options such as petting zoos where your guests can come and go as they please touching a variety of animals ranging from friendly barnyard pals such as chickens and pigs, to even touch tubs where you and your guests can have an amazing up-close encounters with turtles, frogs and other reptiles!

Along with presentations and petting zoos, Critter Squad offers other special public even options as well ranging from Interactive Photo Booths where you and your guests can take photos with all sorts of exotic animals, to our Awareness Booth where your guests can have the chance to look and touch at a variety of amazing specimens!

Exotic petting zoo

We offer a variety of discounts for all sorts of fund raisers, or depending on the occasion merely a small percentage of the total amount raised. Contact the Critter Squad today for more details on fund raiser rates and amazing Public Event Options to make your fund raiser an unforgettable one!