How to Get an Amazing Reptile Show

How to Get an Amazing Reptile Show

Children are always open to learning and experiencing different things. Whether you are an educator or a vigilant parent, you should take advantage of their inquisitive nature when they are young by introducing them to animals they otherwise would not be in contact with. At Critter Squad we can put on amazing reptile show for almost any occasion. We have a variety of packages and activities that our experienced team would be happy to perform with any group. Read on to learn how Critter Squad can help you create the perfect reptile show for your classroom or party.

Experienced Team of Reptile Educators

The Critter Squad is a wildlife education company known for our extremely engaging and educational animal outreach presentations. Our team is filled with animal lovers who are graduates of the EATM program, LA zookeeper certified and zoology students. In addition, we also have a veterinarian on staff to ensure the animals that we show to the public are in tip-top shape and are not dealing with undue stress or illness. Our team is filled with experienced animal educators who are passionate about sharing the beauty of animal life with young people who wish to learn more about the animals within the world. At Critter Squad we make sure that our animals are in good hands and that we are providing the best educational experience to our customers.

We Cover all Events

At the Critter Squad, we are prepared to perform reptile show for almost any event that wishes us to perform. From birthday parties, classrooms, after school programs, day cares, camps, scouting events, photo shoots, carnivals, library shows, fundraisers, science fairs, animal rentals and more, the Critter Squad can provide you with whatever show or service you need to share your love of animals with the public. We allow you to build your own event packages and pick and choose what extra features or specialty animals you wish to include in your very own show. In addition to personalized shows, we also offer a variety of party add-ons such as: cotton candy machines,popcorn machines, hot dog machines and ice chests. At Critter Squad we are invested in creating the best possible reptile show for your event.

If you cannot decide which reptile show is right for you, call the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433 and we can help you pick the perfect reptile show for you! We are here to help!