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Get Back To Nature with Mobile Petting Zoos

Kids these days seem to have everything, from computers to mobile phones and everything else that they demand. If you want to give your kid something more unusual for their birthday party this year, or want to introduce a whole class of kids to a brand-new experience, then mobile petting zoos may be one way to introduce something novel into these kid’s lives. An event like this can be something very special to the children, as it takes them out of the boring routine of school and the Internet. For something innovative and educational, talk to Critter Squad today.

More Interaction with the Animals

At a traditional zoo, your kids will not be able to see the animals’ close-ups, and they certainly won’t be able to touch them. Even at a standard petting zoo, the kids might be limited to the number of teachers that they can see, and they also won’t be able to pet every animal that is there. With a mobile petting zoo, the animals come to them, so there is more freedom to touch and examine all of the creatures that are visiting, and everybody will get an opportunity to pet the animals available.

Get Back To Nature with Mobile Petting Zoos

More Than Just Cuddly Critters

We have experienced handlers who can provide your kids with very different animals. If the kids are younger than they may prefer to concentrate upon cuddly creatures such as rabbits, but we also enjoy introducing children to brand-new animals, including giant tortoises or frogs. We might even show them a few snakes or reptiles, and they can also see our range of insects. Not all of these creatures are cuddly, but they are interesting, and our handlers can tell the kids all about the critters that they are seeing.

Find Fun Petting Zoos in Your Area

If you are looking mobile petting zoos in the Los Angeles region, then Critter Squad is the team for you. We can provide you with a host of different animals, from mini pigs to chickens, frogs and other creatures, so that your kids can experience a host of different types of animal. To find out how we can entertain children for a party or classroom event today, call us now at (818)654-9433, or send a message to a member of our team using our online form, and we will answer any questions that you may have about our programs.