Get Up Close with Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

People have a natural curiosity when it comes to animals that they may not get to see every day. While you may be accustomed to seeing the cat or dog, other more exotic animals are things you may only see on the Internet or when you go to the zoo. If your child has developed an interest in animals and in particular reptiles, you may want to do all that you can to feed their interest and keep it going. There are number of ways you can do this, including getting books, videos, information on the Internet and more, but the opportunity to get up close and personal with exotic reptiles in Los Angeles can be a truly special thing for them.

Going to the Zoo

For most people, the basic interaction and wait to see some of the exotic animals of the world today is to go to the zoo. This may be the only opportunity you and your child have to see reptiles that are from the furthest corners of the world. It can be much more entertaining for your child then simply looking at pictures in a book or online. They will get to see the reptiles in something of a natural habitat and watch them move and interact with each other.

Getting Even Closer

Get Up Close with Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

If you really want to create something special and give your child a chance to get up close with exotic reptiles in Los Angeles, then you may want to consider hosting some type of event for their next birthday or party in your home. You can arrange to have experienced educators and handlers come right to your home and bring various reptiles with them. This will allow your child and his or her friends the chance to learn about specific snakes, lizards, frogs and other reptiles and see them right before their eyes and even get the opportunity to touch them. Something this unique can really help to create long-lasting memories.

Arranging an Event

When you would like to arrange an event that makes use of exotic reptiles in Los Angeles, take the time to call the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433. You can learn more about what the Critter Squad has to offer in terms of parties and educational programs by visiting their website at You will be able to see the different types of reptiles they have available and make all the arrangements for an exciting time for your child in your home.