Get a Reptile Man for Your Birthday Parties

Get a Reptile Man for Your Birthday Parties!

We all want to create memorable birthday moments for our children so they can look back on each party they have fondly and with a smile. Coming up with things you can do at a party that can create these moments might seem like more of a challenge all the time. As your child grows up, what they like may naturally change, and where it was cowboys and astronauts one year, it might be something completely different the next. If your child has shown a great love of nature, this may be the perfect year for you to contact us at Critter Squad and get a reptile man for your birthday parties.

Get a Reptile Man for Your Birthday Parties

Bring the Reptiles to Your Parties

At Critter Squad, we are a unique service that brings together, fun, education and the love of animals to your parties. With a greater and heightened interest in the environment and wildlife conservation going on today, now can be a great time to introduce your child and his or her friends to programs that help foster these ideas while bringing a lot of fun to the party. We provide a variety of programs that you can choose for your party that will bring reptiles right to your location.

Education and Fun with Reptiles

When you hire a reptile man for your birthday parties through us at Critter Squad, you will get educators that come to your party with the reptiles that your child and others will love to interact with. We provide programs that educate everyone at the party about the species we bring along, whether it is snakes, lizards, tortoises, insects, amphibians, or other animals. We make our programs fun and educational, and everyone can get the chance to touch and hold reptiles so they can experience what they are like.

Get a Reptile Man for Your Birthday Parties

Arrange Your Birthday Parties with Us

Having a reptile man for your birthday parties can be a great way to create a fantastic moment for your child’s parties. You can learn more about the programs we offer here at Critter Squad when you read about us here on our website. If you would like to book us for your next party or event, you can give us a call at 818-654-9433 and a member of our staff will speak with you and help make all the proper arrangements with you. Let us be the highlight and entertainment of your child’s birthday party this year.