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Hosting The Perfect Reptile Themed Birthday Party

When Sarah’s kids demanded a reptile-themed birthday party, she didn’t know where to start looking for solutions. She did her best, but she could have made the whole day much more exciting for her children and their guests by calling in the help of Critter Squad. With help from us, any parent can turn a standard party with cakes and sweets into a day that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. If you want a Reptile Themed birthday party next or are just looking for something unusual, then we can give you all the help you need if you follow our handy tips.

Plan Your Party

We think that reptile parties work best at carefully planned birthdays, where you have thought about what will happen during the day. For example, we always recommend that you plan ahead with your guest list and menu, so that kids are not trying to eat when the reptiles arrive. Secondly, because outdoors events are the best place to do a reptile party, you should look at the weather in the area, and think about tents or protection in case of rain or excessive heat.

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Arrange Your Show

Once your party is organized, you need to start planning the big event of the day. Make your booking for the show as soon as you know when the party will happen, so that there is plenty of opportunities to get the animals you want. The sooner you book, the better your chance of being able to select your animal guests. We might be able to fit you in if there is a last-minute plan for a reptile party, but the earlier you book, the better. Ordering early also allows you to better prepare for our visit.

Book With Us Today

When you are planning your Reptile themed birthday party, and want to make sure that you choose something cool and exciting, book with Critter Squad today. We can help you pick suitable animals for your birthday child and their friends, and we will also be able to give you advice about the number of guests you want, and whether to host the party indoors or outside. To organize a visit from our team today, simply contact us now to make enquires. Send us an online message, or call us on 818-996-6061 to have our reptile friends visit your party.