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In-House Photo Shoots


Hey Defenders!  In 2019 we started our brand new private meet and greets, mixed with our popular photo shoots!  The best part about them is these meet and greets are now happening inside Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders studios! Have you ever wanted to have a private educational encounter with an animal or had the chance to take a really cute photo with animal like a snake or sugar glider? Well, now you can.  Join Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders and come on in for a family photo shoot and meet some amazing animals.  We now have content creation packages as well for people looking to create content for their Instagram or media channels, like YouTube. Some of our packages below have very strict rules and guide lines, so please feel free to contact us for further details.

In- House Photo Shoot Packages

1 Hour Photo Shoot + Meet and Greet   ($150.00)

  • 3 animals
  • 1 hour total

3 Hour Photo Shoot + Meet and Greet ($400.00)

  • 7 animals
  • 2 hours total



Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders are always open collaborations with influencers and educators looking to make a difference in the world of animals.  If you have ideas for collaborations or are interested in doing a collaboration with us then be sure to contact us for more details. Our office team can easily help with any questions.

Remember Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders only makes educational material.  Please make all collaboration suggestions related to educational topics.