Introduce Your Child to Exotic Reptiles

Introduce Your Child to Exotic Reptiles

The world is a vast and mysterious place that children are more than eager to explore. At Critter Squad we enjoy opening the world of our clients by introducing them to animals they may have never encountered before. We provide a variety of packages and buildable shows to create the perfect exotic reptile event for all ages. Our team of animal loving, educational experts are invested in sharing their love of reptiles with the public and utilize their knowledge to create compelling and exciting reptile shows. Read on to learn how Critter Squad are the best reptile event company to introduce your child to the exotic reptiles.

The Event of Your Reptilian Dreams

At Critter Squad we know that the interest in reptiles varis for our customers, which is why we provide buildable events for our customers. We allow our customers to choose the number of animals as well as which specialty animals they wish to add to their package.Not to mention, we also offer party add-ons to make your event as simple and as stress free as possible such as cotton candy machines, hot dog machines and popcorn machines.  In addition, we also provide recurring classes with differing lesson plans so that true reptile lovers can experience in depth presentations on all of their favorite reptiles and more.

We Care about Our Animals

There are countless companies who put on exotic reptiles shows that demonstrate inhumane or complacent treatment towards their animals. At Critter Squad, our team is filled with animal lovers who have made animal education their career and passion and are invested in the well-being of our animals. In addition, we also have an experienced and dedicated veterinarian on our team that ensures that our animals look and feel great before and after every event. In addition, we also take part in numerous programs that promote the livelihood our reptiles, such as our adopt a critter program which allows you to sponsor an animal at our zoo, or the donation program which helps provides a high-quality life for our animals. In addition, we also offer volunteer opportunities to help us with our miniature zoo, which can also lead to employment opportunities.

If you cannot decide which exotic reptile show is right for you, call the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433 and we can help you pick the perfect reptile show for you! We are here to help!