Indian Elephant aotw

Learn About Snakes And Elephants!

Hey Defenders! Thank you for visiting our educational website.  We have been building our learning center called the Kids Zone and we have numerous resources for kids excited to learn and educators eager to teach.  We are working on new activities and educational material regularly, along with developing educational videos to watch in school.  Every week we are highlighting a new Animal Of The Week in the top section of the Kids Zone and we have great supplemental material to go with it. Below we have highlight two recent and popular Animals Of The Week which is the Indian Elephant and the Green Tree Python.  Both of these guys are super cool and their Kids Zone tiles are full with interesting material.  Use the links below to explore all our learning material. 

Indian Elephant learning material:

Indian Elephant Blog

Indian Elephant Coloring Page

Indian Elephant Quiz

Indian Elephant Fact Sheet

Material On Other Elephants


Green Tree Python learning material:

Green Tree Python Fact Sheet 

Green Tree Python Blog

Green Tree Python Quiz

Green Tree Python Coloring Page

Material On Other Pythons

Article On Venomous vs. Constriction

Article On Types Of Snake Teeth


We have even more material that you can access in the Kids Zone.  So, be sure to explore and download and share your work with us on social media. We love to see what all defenders are doing in class or at home. Remember that anyone can be a wildlife defender, and it starts with learning!