Learn Animal Facts Before You Party with Critter Squad!

Everyone loves having animals come to their parties! From Creepy Bugs to Cute and Cuddly Mammals, having Animals at your Party can be an incredibly fun and entertaining event for all involved! Your guests will have the opportunity to see many amazing animals they might have never seen before, up close and personal! Many of our animals are also hands on and allow for your children the amazing chance to touch and even hold them! It’s an amazing experience that you and your guests will find unforgettable!

7year old bday party

However, did you know that having animals at your party can also be educational? Our amazing team of Animal Educators are highly trained and well versed in all the animals they bring, and love to teach the public all about these amazing creatures!  At Critter Squad we take pride in educating the public and encourage them to learn all about our animal friends. That’s why we offer our Critter Squad Learning Center for easy public access! Not only does our Critter Squad Learning Center offer fact sheets on all of the animals we bring to presentations, we now also offer lesson plans! Our Lesson Plans are part of the curriculum we teach for our after school programs, and are designed to be a fast, informative and even fun way to learn about animals.


From the basics on birds and reptiles, to complex topics like cannibalism and island gigantism, our Critter Squad Lesson Plans offer you a whole range of amazing animal facts to learn! At Critter Squad, we are always excited to expand our lesson plans and encourage you to contact us for any questions you might have about our animals. Check out our lesson plans before you book your next Critter Squad Party with us!