Learn All about an Exotic Reptile with a Hands-On Experience

Learn All about an Exotic Reptile with a Hands-On Experience

If your child has a love of reptiles you want to try to do all you can to foster their interests along the way. You may take them to the nearest zoo so they can view the reptiles that they like, get them books to read and even find videos or websites on the Internet where they can see the animals. While providing all of these avenues are a great way to help support your child’s interests they are nothing like it would be for your child to see and handle a reptile personally. At the Critter Squad we can provide your child with the ideal opportunity to learn all about an exotic reptile through the hands-on experiences that we can provide.

A Special Birthday Party

We can offer your child the unique opportunity of coming to their birthday party and providing a program that introduces the reptile or reptiles that they love the most to everyone in attendance. Our educators can come directly to your location with the particular reptiles, insects or animals that your child has an interest in so that your child can see each reptile up close and personal. Our handlers will provide all kinds of information about the reptiles, how they live and then give everyone the opportunity to hold the reptile. This amazing and unique experience can give your child the chance that they have dreamed of to hold the frog, snake, turtle or other reptile that they adore.

Exotic Species Available

We can bring an exotic reptile to your event that can create a truly memorable experience. Seeing a particular species of lizard, frog or tortoise up close and getting to touch it is far beyond any experience your child will have at the zoo or by simply watching the reptile in a video on the Internet. You can create an experience that will have a lasting impact on your child and give them a fantastic memory when you have us at your party.

Get More Information Today

If you are interested in having an exotic reptile at your child’s next party, take the time to contact us at the Critter Squad by calling 818-654-9433. We can discuss all of the programs and reptiles we have available for your event and answer any questions that you may have so that you can make arrangements to have us at the party and give your child an amazing hands-on experience.