Lesson Plans

Here is where you will find lots of wonderful lesson plans laid out to help you understand and educate your guests before and after you events.  Please click the link below to find each lesson plan.


What is a reptile?

Venomous vs. Poisonous

Turtles vs. Tortoises

What is an Insect?



Weird Foods


Types of Snake Teeth


What is an Amphibian?

Opossum vs. Possum

What is an Arachnid?


Growing Big On Islands

Hunting For Food

What Is a Mammal?

Quills and Spikes

What Is A Rodent?

Sexual Dimorphism

Types Of Diet

Venom vs. Construction

Weird Foods

Endothermic vs. Ectothermic

What is a habitat?

What are birds?

What are Endangered Species?

Construction of homes

What is an invasive species?

What is a Marsupial?