Reptile Party Theme

Let Us Help You with a Reptile Party Theme

For as long as you can remember, your kid has been fascinated by reptiles. They might have started out with dinosaurs, loving the gigantic reptiles of the past, before moving on to real life creatures of today such as lizards and snakes. They eat, sleep and dream about these scaly critters, and rarely talk about anything else. You know, therefore that when the time comes to give them a birthday celebration, that a reptile party theme is a must. With help from our team of critter handlers, you can get the party experience you want for your kids.

More than Just a Themed Party

When we come to your party, we provide more than just decorated plates and banners. Instead, we can give your kids a really special experience, bringing the wildlife to them. The reptiles come right with the team, so that your kids can handle them and have fun with them in their own backyard. Even kids who have never seen reptiles before can be introduced to exciting creatures such as tortoises, big snakes and a variety of lizards. They can touch and hold them, and even be photographed with these creatures.

Let Us Help You with a Reptile Party Theme

Learning More About Reptiles

If your kids are big fans of scaly creatures, then we can do more than just show up with a bag of snakes. We can let the kids hold them and pet them, and we can also tell the kids about the exotic creatures that we have brought to the party. We can show them how they move across surfaces, how they interact with their environment, what they eat and particularly what they feel like. This can add real excitement to the party, and give the kids more knowledge about the world around them even as they enjoy the experience.

Book Today For the Perfect Reptile Party

If you have decided that working with the Critter Squad is the perfect way to make your reptile party theme really special, then we can help you to choose the lizards or amphibians that your kids really enjoy. You can choose a party that emphasizes a particular animal, or you can have a little bit of everything to make sure that you have the party your kids really want. To arrange a reptile party today from our staff, call us today at (818)654-9433, or send our team a message online now.