Like to Have a Reptile Zoo Birthday Party

What It’s Like to Have a Reptile Zoo Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is going to be coming around again soon and he or she is likely already talking about what they want for a cake, who they want to invite and what type of party theme they might like to have. AS you gather all of the hints together you may realize that what your child wants has a lot to do with their favorite reptiles. Perhaps it is snakes or turtles or maybe they have a love for lizards. While you can put together all of the accessories and a cake that goes along with the theme, you may want to think about having a reptile zoo birthday party.

What is Involved in the Party

Reptile zoo birthday party could be just what you need to arrange to bring incredible joy and a big smile to your child’s face. At a party like this you can have a variety of different reptiles brought right to your home or location by experienced handlers and educators. You can either focus in on a particular type of reptile or have a variety of snakes or several different species of lizards brought to the party or you can go for a larger mix of all different types of reptiles so there is a little bit of everything available to the kids and guests. The party will then include an educational session where everyone can learn about the different reptiles and then get the chance to touch and handle the reptiles up close.

Where to Find a Service

While there may be several different services that can provide this type of party for you, you want to be sure that whoever you select has experience and a good reputation for providing healthy, friendly animals and experienced handlers that know how to work in situations like this. This will guarantee you that you can trust the people who are at the party to be knowledgeable, answer questions, be courteous and show others how to treat the animals with the proper care and respect.

When you have a reptile zoo birthday party for your child you will be creating an event that will last in their memories for a lifetime. For the best offerings available involving events like this, make sure you talk to the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433 or visit their website at so you can get all of the information you need to make this party happen.