Kobe Bryant

Loss Of Kobe Bryant

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This blog was started by myself on Sunday, 1.26.2020, but I was quickly derailed by some of the worst news Los Angeles has ever received.  The original blog was going to be about 5 cute and cuddly animals that you can see in one of Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders birthday parties. I was soo happy to write about the cutest animals we have here, but then I heard the news that a helicopter crashed in the Calabassas area near the Critter Squad Headquarters in Los Angeles and that the hall of fame, NBA legend and Los Angeles icon, Kobe Bryant, had been killed in the crash along with his daughter and multiple other people.  This news was devastating to many of us here is Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders and to the majority of Los Angeles and quickly became surreal due to the speed the news spread.  Kobe’s helicopter crashed about 10 minutes away from our facility and we were crushed to hear the news.

Kobe Bryant is someone we admire and look up to here, not only because we was great at basketball and one of the best buzz beater shooters of all time, but because he cared strongly about giving back to the community. Kobe Bryant was a leader and worked to constantly excel the world of basketball by giving back to youth and helping to lead the next generation through sports camps and other facilities. His Mamba Training center in Calabasass in one way he gave back to the youth of the basketball world and was where the helicopter was headed when it crashed.  Kobe Bryant is the some of the glue and part of the heart beat that keeps Los Angeles going and we all have heavy hearts here.

I will never forget some of the nail biting games and the numerous championships that were fought for and brought back to our city by Kobe or how many times I cried when the Lakers didn’t win.  Kobe built his name and presence around his nickname, the Black Mamba, which became a slogan and trademark for motivation by not only Kobe, but many athletes, fans and even young people looking to push their skills to the next level.  This was called the “Mamba Mentality”. Watching Kobe in games you could tell he was focused and meant business anytime he was on the court and going forward we are going to continue to bring the Mamba Mentality into our facility and make sure we work to be the best at everything we try to accomplish. Mamba Mentality will forever live inside the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Headquarters and we will continue to do our best to uplift Los Angeles and give back to the community. We are honored to have watched Kobe take on the world. We wish everyone the best we can and hope all the families and people involved in this horrible incident can find a way to move forward and continue carrying on Kobe’s legacy.  R.I.P Kobe- we love you!

Kobe Bryant