Make Your Animal Themed Party a Reptiles Party

Make Your Animal-Themed Party a Reptiles Party

To a young child, having a birthday party is the social event of the year. It gives them a chance to invite all their friends and people they are close to, enjoy snacks and games, and just have fun and a good time. Most young kids today want their birthday party to have a theme to it, and animal themes are always a popular choice among children. Some kids love horses, sea life, jungle safari animals and the like, but many kids love reptiles and want to have a party that uses them as a theme. You can make a reptiles party for your child’s birthday and have everything needed to create a special reptile event for the day.

Setting the Party Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the party can go a long way to help express the theme, so you will want to decorate the party area as much as you can to help create the reptile feel to the event. Depending on the reptile your child loves the most (like snakes, lizards or turtles), you can create a location that goes along with the theme well. Decorate the space to reflect the environment that the reptiles live in so it looks and feels authentic. You can get some great ideas for decorations from party stores or by looking at online sites like Pinterest to see what others have done for their parties.

Make Your Animal Themed Party a Reptiles Party

Bring on the Reptile Food!

Okay, you may not really want to serve the food that reptiles eat, but you can have food choices at your reptiles party that look like reptiles or take on the colors and feel of the reptiles. There are all kinds of cakes, cupcakes and tasty treats you can create that use reptile designs. You can get a variety of candies and gummy treats that look like lizards, snakes and other reptiles for the kids to snack on.

Add More Fun to the Party

You can make your reptiles party for your child complete when you invite us at Critter Squad to be part of the event. We can bring a variety of reptiles to your party so that we can educate everyone in attendance about the different reptiles and give each person a chance to touch and hold reptiles, so they get an up-close experience like never before. You can find out more about the packages we offer by looking here at our website, or you can phone us at 818-654-9433 to speak with us, get more information, and make a reservation for the date and time of your party so we can add to the reptile fun.