Child's Reptile Party

Make Your Child’s Reptile Party a Hit

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If you want your child’s reptile party to stand out for him or her, you want to consider incorporating a theme into their party that they love. Different children have different in rests, and pinpointing the theme your child wants the most can help to make for an outstanding birthday party. So, what do you do when your child has a love of things that crawl, slither, and jump? The answer is obvious, of course – you give us a call at Critter Squad so that we can make your child’s reptile party a hit.

Coordinating a Reptile Party

Creating a reptile-themed party is a lot easier than you may initially think. There are all kinds of possibilities and options available to you to help you establish a great atmosphere. You can find decorations that are specific to turtles, lizards, and snakes at a wide variety of party stores and department stores, so bringing the theme to life is easy. You can even make use of the Internet and find other parties people have thrown for their children so that you can see how you can personalize things even more with music, lighting, snacks, and cake.

Child's Reptile Party

Where We Come In

At Critter Squad, we can help make your child’s reptiles party a hit by providing the actual animals your guests will love. We can have our educators and handlers on hand at your party with the reptiles that your child and the others in attendance will thoroughly enjoy. Our handlers will put on a program that is fun, engaging, and educational, giving everyone the chance to see and hold the different reptiles present. Your child will be amazed at the reptiles, and there will be some wonderful photo and video opportunities that you will surely want to capture.

Book Your Date Today

If you’ve begun planning your child’s reptiles party, you want to make sure you give us a call at Critter Squad, so you can reserve the date and time for your program and party. You can learn more about the services and programs we have available when you go to our website at Also, feel free to give us a call at 818-654-9433 to book your party or ask any questions you may have. You can throw the perfect party for your child with reptiles galore, and you’ll have a full day of fun for everyone.