Meet Baby Animals Here!

Hey Defenders!  It’s that time of the year when we are lucky enough to have a few baby animals here in the facility. Spring is usually a season for the arrival of babies and we often have some cuties that everyone loves to see.  This year we are going to have baby snakes, geckos, degus, some baby macaws and hopefully some baby hedgehogs! But, since there is a global pandemic seeing them in person is almost nonexistent.  We do have many other options going on where you can still see the baby animals, like our live zoom classes and our live zoo tours. These are great options that you can do right from your own home.  The one- on- one classes are a peaceful and private experience for all ages and you can even ask you questions directly to your animal educator.  You can also learn about baby animals inside the Kids’ Zone, which is our detailed animal learning center. We have laid out some other links below for you to review.


Kids Activities

The Critter Squad Kids Zone is the best place for you to find quality kids activities that are animal and biology based.  All our kids activities are made by Critter Squad and are tailored to make learning memorable and fun. There is many different kids activities, including message decoding puzzles, word searches, cross word puzzles, and the widest variety of kids animal coloring pages you could ever think of.  The Kids Zone is also filled with numerous reptile worksheets as well as reptile coloring pages.  So, please support the zoo and download our animal coloring pages and kids activities to use in your class room.

Most Diverse Animal Parties In Los Angeles!

Reptile Worksheets

Critter Squad builds unique, classroom ready reptile worksheets that are great for kids of all school level ages. The reptile worksheets are printable for your convenience and everyone of them is educational in some way.  You can head directly to the kids zone to view all the reptile activities and reptile worksheets that we have to offer. Some of the reptile coloring pages and activities are paid, but your payments go directly to support the Critter Squad zoo and our love for conservation.  We would love to see your work after printing the reptile worksheets, so please don’t forget to post them on our social networking sites, which can be found at the bottom of our website. 


Animal Games

Critter Squad has been a leading source for after school enrichment in the Southern California area and we have teamed up with many popular enrichment programs to bring some of the funnest animal games to students and children all over some major counties. We offer classes in over 150 schools and we have become masters of the after school arts.  This means we have become the kings of animal games, as well!  We have some amazing animals games that we play in our classrooms and birthday parties. Some are secrets we only play with our guests, others are ones we want to share with you.  So, we have added many of our favorite animal games to our kids zone and online classes! We even have a few animal video games that you can play as well.  

Meet The Pinnipeds