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Meet the Critter Squad Team

Our Mission

Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders are on a mission to make learning and protecting wildlife an ingrained task of all humans; children and adults alike! Our goal is to bring the joy of wildlife right into your home through hands-on and digital educational outreach, while doing what we can to help support local wildlife! Join the C.S wildlife defenders on a global mission to save the planet!



Geoffrey Mantonya is the founder of The Critter Squad, a company many have come to know and love. A true lover of animals, Geoff started a company called Manton Reptiles when he was only 19 years-old. The company’s main focus was towards captive reptile breeding programs. Through his future experiences in the animal world, and through his own University education, Geoff realized the importance of educating the public, so he transformed his business into a wildlife education company. Through this, The Critter Squad was created. Geoff is now 31 years-old and his company, The Critter Squad, is strongly known for their extremely exciting and educating animal outreach presentations. As The Critter Squad moves into the future, Geoff is leading the pack into new worlds. He has started new wildlife endeavors, such as humane animal trapping and release programs, captive breeding programs, and a few other secrets waiting to emerge. Geoff is eager to continue educating the community and making a difference in the world of wildlife.

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Meet the Team!

Riley Mantonya, Operations Specialist
Riley brings her passion for animals to the Critter Squad team every day. A lifelong wildlife defender, Riley strives each day to bring wildlife conservation to everyone she teaches. Her dedication to Critter Squad is unquestionable, and her fearlessness has given her the ability to help improve the lives of many of our rescued animals. Riley works daily to ensure the Critter Squad conservation message is broadcast to all of her students, and her experience with animals is invaluable to the team.
Our Education Team:

Phi Kenzie, Educator & Office Coordinator


Hayley McLelan, Educator & Office Coordinator