Meyers Parrot (Poicephalus meyeri) pet on table

Oh My, Oh My…let’s talk about Meyer’s Parrot!

Our latest animal of the week is one of our feathered friends…it’s the Meyer’s Parrot! The name “Meyer’s Parrot” comes from the German ornithologist Bernhard Meyer. They are also known as the “brown parrot” due to the majority of their plumage, however these birds do have a nice splash of color with yellows, blues, and greens mixed in, and some slight differences depending on which subspecies the animal is. Because of their large population numbers, and low pressure of hunting, these parrots are considered “Least Concern” for their endangered status, and are commonly bred in the pet trade.

How long does a Meyer’s Parrot live?

Like many parrots, the Meyer’s Parrot have a pretty good lifespan, and usually don’t get sick very often. Because they are a relatively small sized parrot, their lifespan isn’t as long as a Blue & Gold Macaw, however on average it’s found they last 20-25 years, with some birds in captivity even passing 30 years. While Meyer’s Parrots don’t demand affection like other parrots or cockatoos, they are intelligent and social nonetheless, so attention and strong relationships usually lead to a longer happier life!

Can a Meyer’s Parrot talk?

Whenever the conversation is on parrots, as opposed to other birds like raptors, eventually someone’s gonna ask if they can talk. Meyer’s Parrots are definitely not at the top of the “most talkative parrots” list, however they still can make some key sounds, and even learn a handful of words or phrases. Most likely a Meyer’s Parrot will whistle and squeaks or clicking noises, perhaps even making a cat like purr when feeling affectionate. Rarely people have noticed Meyer’s Parrots repeating phrases and talking constantly but it is possible, and while they do make sounds they are not prone to lots of loud squawking.

Where do Meyer’s Parrots live in the wild?

All subspecies of Meyer’s Parrot are native to sub-Saharan Africa, and they are found in a variety of habitat types. Savannas, woodlands, miombo, and forests near watercourses tend to be their favorite locations. Meyer’s Parrots can be found throughout many African countries such as Angola, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Chad, and more…with their highest concentrations in Botswana.

What does a Meyer’s Parrot eat?

In the wild, Meyer’s Parrot has a diet very similar to many other birds and parrots. They are primarily herbivores because seeds, fruit, berries, and plant matter as a whole makes up the majority of what they eat. However they aren’t complete herbivores as they tend to eat insects now and then as well. Normally these birds will travel together in just small groups, or perhaps even just a pair…but when food is plentiful they can be found in much larger numbers.

What are the natural predators of Meyer’s Parrot?

Meyer’s Parrot is a smaller, fairly gentle species…so they aren’t birds OF prey, these birds ARE prey! Their status as prey animals usually keeps them on alert, and watching for any predators that might be on the hunt. Like many small birds, Meyer’s Parrots need to watch out for snakes, as well as other birds themselves – birds of prey love to snatch these guys up!

Poicephalus meyeri Birds of Eden, Western Cape, South Africa