mobile petting zoo for your party

A Mobile Petting Zoo to Come to Your Home

Going to the zoo is always a great experience for you and your children. You get to see the wonder on their faces as they look at animals they have only seen in books, pictures or on television. A highlight of any zoo trip is often going to the petting zoo as well, where children get the chance to touch and feel all kinds of animals, perhaps for the first time. A day like this can be a wonderful experience for the family and one that you would love to replicate in a new way. Here at Critter Squad, we can provide you with just such an opportunity when you hire our mobile petting zoo to come to your home.

mobile petting zoo for your party

A Great Birthday Party Addition

Adding our petting zoo to the birthday party, you are throwing for your child can be just the addition you need to make the party truly stand out. All the guests in attendance at the party will get the opportunity to touch, pet, hold and interact with a variety of animals. The zoo can be there for as long as you would like, giving children (and adults) the chance to come and go into the zoo area to see the different animals. An experience like this will surely bring smiles to the faces of all who are in attendance and creates great photo opportunities.

What We Can Do

When you book our mobile petting zoo for your party, we can come right to your home or party location and set everything up for you. Our trained staff will be on hand to assist with the zoo, and we bring animals with us that you are not likely to find in other petting zoos. While you can see some of the usual suspects like ducks, rabbits, chickens, and pigs, we can also bring a giant tortoise or frogs so that the kids can see something unique that they have never seen up close before, let alone touched.

Give Us a Call to Book a Party

If you would like to learn more about the options we have for our mobile petting zoo or the other services we can provide, please take the time to visit us at Critter Squad by checking out our website. You can also contact us a call at 818-654-9433 to ask questions and book your party with us so you can have the zoo right in your backyard.