A Mobile Petting Zoo in Los Angeles for Your Community Events

A Mobile Petting Zoo in Los Angeles for Your Community Events

If you are involved in helping to arrange an event for your community as a fundraiser for a particular organization or just as an event open to the public, you want to try to come up with ideas for entertainment that everyone in attendance will be interested in and love. While you can certainly go with many of the standard options that are available such as carnival rides and games, face painting and a variety of food options, if you want to have something on site that will truly stand out and be memorable you may want to consider using our mobile petting zoo in Los Angeles for your community events.

A Different and Exotic Option

Our petting zoo at your event will certainly be something different. This will give both children and adults a chance to see and interact with a variety of different species that they never have had the opportunity to be near to before. The community will have a unique opportunity to have hands-on experience with a number of different animals. They can learn about the different species and touch the animals to see what they are like. When you have something of this nature at your event, it is certain to be a draw for many people.

A Great Looking Experience

Our mobile petting zoo in Los Angeles can be a fantastic learning opportunity for the entire community. We will come directly to the location of your event and set up appropriate pens and areas for the animals to be on display. We also provide professional and experienced educators and handlers to present the different species to the public, explain all about the different animals and what they do and give people the opportunity to touch and interact with the animals. This type of learning experience is one that can leave quite a positive impression on both children and adults.

Make Arrangements Today

If you would like to learn more about our mobile petting zoo in Los Angeles for your event, contact us at Critter Squad at 818-654-9433. Critter Squad can provide over thirty different species of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects to your event and give your community a chance to explore and learn about the different species in ways they may have never experienced before. Once you have used our services, people will look forward to having this available and coming to your community events time and again.