Most Diverse Animal Parties In Los Angeles!

Critter Squad, aka the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders is an exotic animal and conservation outreach program located in the San Fernando Valley, just outside the city of Los Angeles.  Our facility houses over 115 individual animals and over 60 species of animals.  Except for some rare occasions, the majority of animals at Critter Squad are drop offs from animal authorities, animals that can no longer be kept as pets and some are even deserted at our doorsteps.  All the animals that arrive in our headquarters are eventually used to teach the public about their stories and about animals in general. Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders works hard to offer experiences based around education that help people understand why animals aren’t negative organisms that we should be afraid of.  We do many different style events, including after school classes, classroom presentations, petting zoos, auditorium shows, carnival events, and birthday parties. Critter Squad also offers amazing party games that can be played at your events, weekend work shops for learning, and lots of different packages for summer camps. 

Lately, our facility has been on the push to the digital world, as we experiment with many different YouTube channels, podcasts, digital info graphics, and a huge resource center filled with many ways to learn about animals, plants and the wildlife filled world we live in.  The Kids Zone is growing daily and has hundreds of ways to get your child or student engaged and learning.  It contains animal polls, animal quizzes, mazes, coloring pages, word searches, supportive articles and unique information about lots of animals. 

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Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders will continue to educate the public about animals in any platform possible, including social networking.  We look forward to continue building fans and followers as we work harder to reach the digital world.  We thank you for all the love and support, whether you are a local customer here in Los Angeles or one of our digital followers.  Thanks everyone!!