My Child loves bugs! Do any party companies do insect themed parties?

Despite their odd appearance and a reputation for being pests, insects, arachnids and other “creepy crawlies” are an amazing and diverse group of animals that many children take a huge delight in learning about. Critter Squad has lots of experience in teaching children about bugs, and we take pride in educating children (and parents) about many of the misconceptions and fears people might have about these odd little animals. We even offer a Bugs and Creepy Crawly Class as one of our many after school programs!


If your child loves bugs, Critter Squad can help! We offer an amazing variety of Insect Parties, with not just insects, but all sorts creepy crawlies, from hissing cockroaches, to worms to scorpions! Check out our insect invasion party where we bring TWELVE of our little friends for an hour! If you have time or budget concerns, we also offer shorter parties such as the Scorpion Tarantula Party and the Sneaky Beetle Party. These parties are not just great for birthday parties, but are a big hit for the Halloween Season as well!

Reptile Party Ideas

Want more variety then just bugs? Our Animal Invasion Party comes with a huge variety of animals, including insects and spiders! We are more than happy to take requests to make sure to include them for your show! Critter Squad can even add additional bugs to your birthday party line-up! If your child loves bugs, then why not throw them a birthday party that them and their friends will find unforgettable! Contact the Critter Squad for your Insect themed birthday party today!