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Other Programs


Here are some of the other Critter Squad Programs 

Our Sponsor-A -Critter program is a great way for you to help and support your favorite animal at the zoo. When you Sponsor-a-Critter all your donations go directly towards treats, toys and enrichment and you get some amazing gifts as well!

In our Defender Volunteer Program volunteers will learn and practice animal care skills and great amazing opportunities to help our animal keepers. Started by Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders a few years ago and gear towards people 18 and up and you must apply to be considered.
The Zoo Keeper For A Day program is the best hands on learning program for kids that want to be zoo keepers when they get older.  Your defenders will get paired up with one of our animal keepers and spend some time with them as the care for the animals. Zoo Keeper For A Day is meant children 17 and under.

Referrals are a great way for you to help us spread the word and educate more people about animals!  Just tell another school about our program and you BOTH get a big discount on your next event!

We are always in need of the things you don’t need anymore, like old towels, blankets, paper towel rolls, etc! So, please check out the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s donation list and help out the zoo!  Pick ups are optional as well.


Want to become a Wildlife Defender? Register for classes today!!!