our Exotic Reptiles

See Some of Our Exotic Reptiles in Your Backyard!

If you are in charge of planning your child’s next birthday party, or even if you are looking to set up a community event, school event, or fundraiser, your goal is to create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for everyone that attends. Sure, there are some tried and true ideas you can always fall back on like clowns, ponies, bounce houses and sand art, but once kids and adults have seen and done them, they are not quite as exciting anymore. You want something that is going to captivate and awe your guests, and here at Critter Squad, we have just the answer for you. We can bring our exotic reptiles right to your backyard or location for everyone to see and enjoy.

Experts with Reptiles

You may have seen or heard about other reptile parties or events that are available, but at Critter Squad we bring you the best you can get. We have a team of experts that are available for your event so that we come prepared to put on a great program that has entertainment and educational value for everyone. Our team is expert in handling all the animals we bring along, and you can be sure to find out all kinds of fascinating facts about the lizards, tortoises, snakes, and more that we can bring along.

our Exotic Reptiles

Choose the Reptiles You Want

If you have a specific program in mind that will go well with your child’s birthday party theme or with the event that you are running, we can customize a program to bring the exotic reptiles and other animals that are just right. We have fantastic program offerings you can select from, including programs that focus on snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians, insects, and more.

Dazzle the Crowd with Reptiles

When we bring our exotic reptiles to your backyard, you can dazzle all in attendance as they get to see and touch reptiles they may never have been close to before. Read more about all the programs we offer here on our website, and then contact us at (818) 654-9433 and we can discuss your options at length and make a reservation for your event so you can have the fun, educational program everyone will talk about. If you need to send us a message or make an enquiry in writing, please send us an email to gowild@crittersquad.com or use our contact form.