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Games and Activity Add-Ons

Hey Defenders!  Sometimes parties are just not the same without a good old fashion game or activity.  So, Critter Squad has taken our 5 favorite activities and 5 favorite games and turned them in to super fun party packages!  These games and activities are a fantastic way to keep the guests entertained before or after your animal party package begins!  Our party games are great and geared to last around 30 mins, they are unique, fun and exciting for all ages. The Critter Squad Wildlife Defender party activities geared to last around 1 hour. Our activities are engaging and will easily keep all the guests entertained, and after each activity the kids will be able to take something from their activity home!

Please let us know when booking if you would like to add on any party games or activities.

Animal Party Activities:


This is a great activity for any defenders who love exploring.  Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders will supply all the necessities for you to have a owl pellet exploration party!  Owl Pellets are regurgitated by owls after eating and they are filled with exciting bones and clues to what they have been eating.  We will explore the pellets and save all our findings.  We supply tables, visuals, equipment and of course, the pellets!  Usually lasts between 30 min- 1 hour depending on group size.


Lady Bug Release-  $100 for up to 20 kids 

This is no doubt one of Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders most popular activity of all times.  This activity made history in our after school classes as we worked with our students to learn about, explore and release thousands of lady bugs.  Since lady bugs are helpful to the environment, this is a helpful and exciting activity and trust us, ALL KIDS LOVE LADYBUGS.  In this activity we supply all the equipment,  visuals, along with all the lady bugs which we release to help your garden flourish!  Join us for the Critter Squad original!  You won’t regret it.

Make Frog Slime-  $100 for up to 20 kids 

Slime! It never gets old!  Kids love making slime and so do adults.  It’s fun to play with, fun to make and it lasts a while.  But, our Critter Squad Wildlife Defender educators are great at making special slime!  Frog Slime!  So, let us help make your party the gooiest its ever been AND LET’S MAKE FROG SLIME!  In this activity we supply all the equipment, supplies, and clean up material.

Bug Dig-  $60 for up to 20 kids 

Your birthday kid is going to wig for the bug dig!  The bug dig is one of our most popular party activities because who doesn’t like digging for bugs?  In this activity kids will be giving multiple containers labeled with certain bugs that they must find in the bug pit.  Defenders at your party will use their hands and provided tools to go on a bug hunt!  Once the guests and your birthday child find the matching bug they will put it in their bug containers to take home and don’t worry parents, these are realistic bugs, but not real.  In this activity we supply all the equipment, containers, toys and visuals.

Rollie Pollie Party-  $60 per 20 kids 

Alright parents, we have the inside tip for you.  If you want to throw the greatest party of all time then you want to throw a Rollie Pollie Party!  It is insane how much kids love Rollie Pollies and they are not scary or intimidating to kids who don’t like small creatures.  People are fascinated by how they roll up and you’ll be fascinated by how much your kids love digging though our colonies to find them.  Your birthday defender and guests will be able to get their hands dirty as they search for live Rollie Pollies and after they will use our exploratory equipment to study these interesting creatures.  In this activity we supplies the equipment, rollie pollies and visuals.


Animal Party Games:

Survival Game-  $100 for up to 20 kids 

The Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Survival Game is the dance party your birthday child and guests will never forget. This animal dance off is sooo fun and great for larger parties and wild groups. A true classic this game is often played back to back, again and again with our students and party guests. Who will be the last animal eliminated and be the only survivor at your party!  In this game we provide all the visuals, music and prizes.

Mama Birdie- $80 for up to 20 kids 

Mama Birdie, Mama Birdie can you protect me? In this game your birthday child and guests will need to act like mama or papa birds and protect their eggs from breaking. This classic game with a Critter Squad twist will have everyone anxious to play. Can you protect egg?  In this game we provide the visuals, equipment, eggs and prizes!

Animal Food Race-  $80 for up to 20 kids

It’s going to be on like Donkey Kong, when you and your guests get ready for the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Animal Food Race.  Your birthday child and guests will be zoo keepers in the race of the decade to collect as much food as they can for the animal the are paired up with. The zoo keepers will use nets and other tools to collect the food and get it back to they buckets. Who will collect the most food and conquer the zoo?  In this game we provide the visuals, equipment, supplies and prizes!

Animal Memory-  $80 for up to 20 kids 

This is another classic game with a Critter Squad exclamation point and kids love this game.  Animal Memory is a lawn size animal game that will challenge your birthday child and guests memory. Everyone must use their animal senses to remember key things about the game to win. Who will have the best memory at your party?  In this game we provide the visuals, supplies and prizes.

Safari Red Light Green Light- $80 for up to 20 kids 

Have you ever played Red Light Green Light in the rain forest?  Okay, neither have we, but we have played some of the most exciting Red Light Green Light you have ever seen and it’s Critter Squad’s Safari version. This game is easy for all ages, fun for the whole party, and a must do for an activity filled event. In this game we provide the visuals, supplies and prizes.


If you have any questions about the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders party games or activities above then don’t hesitate to call our main office at 818-654-9433.  You may also head to our contact us page. If you are interested in registering for our zoo keeper for day classes or our meet and greets then you may head to our register for classes page for sign up.