kids reptile parties

Plan Kids Reptile Parties for Birthdays and Events

You thought that when you asked your child what they would like to do for their birthday party this year that everything would be simple. You would invite some friends and family, have snacks and cake, come up with some games, and that might be it. Imagine your surprise when your son or daughter tells you that this year they want a reptile theme for their party. You have known that they love to read about, watch and learn about different reptiles, but you never imagined they would want their birthday party with a theme like that. Instead of worrying about what you will do, you can give us a call here at the Critter Squad so that we can provide the services you need to find kids reptile parties that you need to make the day special.

kids reptile parties

We Bring the Kids Reptile Parties to You

At the Critter Squad, we provide kids reptile parties that will wow all the guests. We offer different programs that are designed to teach and inform everyone at the party about the different reptiles we bring while adding a lot of fun to the program along the way. You, your child, and your guests will get to see exotic reptiles like you never have before, and even get the opportunity to touch hold different lizards, snakes, turtles and more.

Get All the Extras for Your Parties

The great thing about using us at the Critter Squad for kids reptile parties is that we offer different programs and add-ons for your parties that make the day truly special. We have a diversity of programs for you to select from for the party, and you can add on to have different and special reptiles in attendance, get t-shirts for the party, or even have a special photo booth that we can set up for you so that everyone can have their picture taken with a reptile to mark the event.

kids reptile parties

Creating Amazing Birthday Parties

When you have kids reptile parties, your children will have the experience of a lifetime. Make sure to contact us here at the Critter Squad. We can help you organize and create an amazing event that is fun for everyone. To find out more about our parties or to book a date for your party, please give us a call at (818) 654-9433, and we will be happy to assist you so that we can be part of your child’s special day.