5 Amazing Facts about the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most diverse and biologically important places on the planet.  Located in South America the rainforest covers an impressive 2 million sq miles and is primarily found in Brazil. Scientists are constantly collecting unique data and discovering never before seen species.  Below we have laid out 5 awesome facts about the Amazon Rainforest you probably didn't know.


  1. There is around 2.5 Million insects in the Amazon!

Scientists have been studying the rainforest for years and there has already been significant discoveries including the describing of nearly 2.5 MILLION species of insects!  But, that is just the tip of the ice berg. There is estimates going around of biologists and researchers saying there could be around 30,000 species of insects that call the  Amazon Rainforest their home.

2. Home to 400 different native tribes.

The Amazon isn't just home to diverse wildlife, it supports hundreds of native tribes that have used the Amazon for survival for thousands of years.  A significant portion of the tribes have never had contact with the outside world with some going around 500 years with out contact.

3. Nearly 2000 birds live in the Amazon Rainforest.

There is a significant number of bird species that populate the Amazon, including rare birds Plume-Throated Cotingas, Crimson Topaze Hummingbirds, Amazon Kingfishers, multiple macaw species and the Harpy Eagle. Researchers are still debating on why were is a such a high concentration of birds in the rain forest, but believe is dates back to the evolution of the forest.

4. The Amazon Rainforest is more the 17% destroyed

The process of deforestation is the when thick beautiful rainforest is cut down and turned into a non forested area that is used for land development or farming. Destroying forests to find fertile land for farming was one of the main reasons that the Amazon rainforest destruction started.  Parts of the Amazon Rainforest have been destroyed so much that you can see that destruction from space.  Scientists and researchers suggest that if the rainforest exceeds 25% in overall damages we will reach a tipping point and see permanent damage to the forests diverse interior.

5. Estimated 390 Billion Trees

It is estimated that there is around 390 BILLION individual trees in the Amazon Rainforest.  Are you sure you read that correctly?   THERE IS OVER 390 BILLION trees, even after all the collective destruction and deforestation!  Tress have a significant presence in the rainforest and are flora power house that make the biodiversity and concentration of life possible.

The Amazon is a vast and unique place that houses a significant portion of the worlds wildlife and together we need to work hard to spread awareness and educate others about the importance of the rainforest to make sure such an important place stays preserved!

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