American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy is our highlight company in this tile, which is a great organization with their main office located in The Plains, Virginia.  The American Bird Conservancy has strong foundation and mission directly geared towards helping and conserving the bird species in the Americas.   With a clear and understandable framework for conservation on their website the Conservancy focuses on their ABC pyramid of conservation- halt extinctions, protect habitats, eliminate threats, and build a capacity for bird conservation. The conservancy focuses fearlessly on feral cats, pesticides and other challenges birds are facing around the Americas.

Their website is incredibly informative and visual.   They have dozens of ways you can get involved and learn, including ways to donate, memberships and a super cool bird watching function, where you can explore different countries and the bird species that live there.  The website has multiple species you can explore along with ways to book stays at different reserves and their website allows you to explore the migratory paths of certain species, so you can decide where you want to stay.

This is a great organization with many ways you can help the birds of the Americas.  Don't forget to check out their website, donate to their cause and do what you can to learn about the birds of the Americas. If you want to learn more about bird watching then check out the tile called Bird Watching in the kids zone.

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