Amphibian Ark

In this tile we are featuring an organization that does huge things for amphibian conservation and amphibian awareness around the planet.  They are known as the Amphibian Ark and they are the combine efforts of three organizations, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Conservation Planning Specialist Group, and the Amphibian Specialist Group.

The groups main focus is on amphibian conservation and they work hard to protect amphibians that do not have other protections in the wild. The Amphibian Ark works directly with multiple institutions including zoos, museums, aquariums, and other conservation programs to make sure that amphibians have a fighting chance in the wild.  They are directly helping facilities located in countries with threatened amphibian species to further support local conservation and awareness programs.

The Amphibian Ark website is very informative with numerous pages on how you can help support conservation programs, volunteer, donate money and even learn about important projects happening in your area.  They have an in depth husbandry document archive, which has more then just your standard husbandry information, it is very detailed and well written. AArk has list of donors and funders who help make the Amphibian Ark possible and there is even amazing gear you can purchase and the profits go directly towards conservation efforts.

The AArk talks about their ultimate goals of not having to remove species from the wild to exhibit in zoos, but unfortunately that is hard to do when there are so many amphibians facing struggles in the wild. Removing animals, supporting facilities and building population capacity remains fundamentals of their program until changes in the amphibian world change for the better.

Find out how you can support the Amphibian Ark and all the other amazing programs that help their mission by clicking the link and heading to their website.  Long live the Amphibians!

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