Anatomy of a Snake

Snakes can often confuse many people. Does a snake even have bones, or a heart? Where do they go to the bathroom from? How do they eat without hands?! I have even had people ask me if snakes have souls!

Because snakes are long and limbless they need to stuff all those body parts into that long tube. For starters, snakes do have bones, a bunch of them! Hundreds of ribs protect all the snake’s valuable organs. Most of a snake’s organs are long and take on a tube like shape as well. Snakes have a very weak esophagus and push food to their stomachs by movement. Another unique fact is that snakes have a heart that can move positions! In addition, this flexibility stops the heart from being damaged when a snake gets lucky enough to catch a large meal. There are a lot more interesting features of a snakes anatomy, you can learn even more on our YouTube channel!


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