Apex Predators

We've all heard of a predator before...these animals, usually carnivorous, attack and eat their prey to feed and gain energy. Predators are usually strong animals towards the top of the food chain, and often eat herbivores or smaller predators. But what about the predator at the very tippy top of their food chain? Well guess what Defenders - that's an Apex Predator!


An Apex Predator is the predator of a certain environment at the very top of the food chain, with no natural predators of their own. These animals are the toughest of the tough, and are equipped with many strong attributes that contribute to their success - great senses like hearing, vision, and smell...sharp claws or jaws, and great speed, strength, and/or size to help them reign supreme.


Apex Predators consist of a variety of animals across different habitats, including...


Depending on the environment, the Apex Predator in that location can be one of the toughest beasts on the planet - like a Lion or Bear - or it could be a bit smaller and less ferocious, like a Dingo or Electric Eel, just without any kind of natural predator ranking above them on their food chain. Apex Predators are super important in the food chain - they help keep the population numbers of their prey in check, so there isn't an overwhelming amount of producers in one habitat!

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