Bird Watching!

This is always an interesting topic for me because people who don't like animals or are new to the animal world are always so puzzled by bird watching, yet animal people love bird watching.  "Do they really just go and watch birds?", I have been asked and they are not wrong.   Bird watching is really just going to watch birds!  Birds are very mobile and migratory, so there can be times of the year when they are more abundant than others and depending on where you live there may be more likely to see cool activity like mating or nesting.

Bird watching is done mostly because people love birds.  Birds are beautiful, majestic and amaze people when they fly.  So, people get their gear and head out hiking or to a place well known for birds.  People are also bird watching for research purposes and something called citizen science.   Citizen science is when random civilians participate in bird watching and turn in their data to conservation and research groups.  Citizen Science collected data is valuable, fun and a lot less costly then sending scientist out into the field.

Tools used in bird watching:

  • Binoculars
  • Telescope
  • Maps
  • Field Guide
  • Pencil and paper
  • Camera
  • Comfortable outdoor gear

Reasons to bird watch:

  • See beautiful birds
  • Get out in nature
  • Help with Citizen Science
  • Meet other bird watchers
  • See rare wildlife
  • Have unforgettable experiences

We really love bird watching here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders. Birds are soo interesting and have such interesting behaviors, whether they are flying, foraging, hunting or interacting with other birds, they are amazing to watch.  Getting out in nature is great for your health and well being as well.  If you love birds and want to learn more then head over to the Bird Center where you can learn about all kinds of avian friends.

Keep Exploring Defenders!