Box Jelly

This group of animals have really left their imprint on the animal world - They are known as the box jellyfish! This group from the Cubozoa is known for their cubed, instead of round, shaped medusa and their powerful stings! Their shape may not mean much to most, but the box jellyfish medusae is folded inward, allowing it to swim at higher speeds than other jellyfish.  

Due to their ability to propel in the water better than other jellyfish, the box jelly does not tend to get stuck in currents as easily as other jellyfish.  

If you thought that was cool Defenders, box jellyfish get even cooler - Did you know that box jellyfish have 24 eyes!  The eyes are not as sophisticated as a mammals eye but they are able to tell the difference between light and dark areas, which helps the box jellyfish with hunting and moving around barriers. Aren’t box jellyfish awesome?  You can find out even more about amazing creatures in our Ocean Center of the Kids' Zone.


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