Can A Scorpion Sting Kill You

Like spiders, scorpions are arachnids. That means they're insectivores that use venom to kill or paralyze their insect prey. What are Arachnids? But they can also use their stingers for defense. Some scorpions deliver an extremely dangerous venom called a chlorotoxin. Chlorotoxin prevents muscles from getting the chemical signals they need to move. If stung, this toxin can paralyze or kill its victim! But don't worry, there are nearly 2,000 species of scorpion, and only about 25 are considered deadly. What's the difference between venom and poison?

What Are The Deadliest Scorpions

There are a number of deadly scorpions around the world, but most of them are found in Asia and Africa. Some of the deadliest are the Indian red scorpion, found across India, and the Deathstalker scorpion! There are several species of scorpion in the united states, but the only one to be concerned about is the Bark scorpion. The bark scorpion is found in the deserts of Northern Mexico and the Southwest United States. It's a small species of scorpion, only about 2" long, but packs a dangerous sting! However, most stings aren't deadly when the victim seeks medical attention. There may be some pain, swelling, and lasting nerve damage, but you will most likely survive a bark scorpion sting.

Is My Pet Scorpion Dangerous

You should always know the exact species of scorpion you're taking as a pet. Never take scorpions from the wild to keep as a pet, and only buy them from a pet store that knows what they're talking about. There are a few other species of scorpion in the United States like the hairy scorpion and the black striped scorpion. The black striped scorpion lives with us in Southern California and I've seen my fair share of them inside my home! These aren't deadly scorpions, but like bees, you can have an allergic reaction to their sting. Other common pet scorpions like the emperor scorpion and Vietnamese scorpion aren't considered dangerous. Check out our Emperor Scorpion Fact Page to learn more about these awesome pet arachnids!


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