Common Ravens: The Birds That Myths Are Made Of!

Welcome back Defenders!  Since you keep returning to our animal learning center we know you are smart, just like the bird featured in our Animal of the Week!  They are a bird that is relatively big for being a passerine, all black, and like we already mentioned they are quite intelligent. The bird we are talking about is the Common Raven and they are a very wide spread bird being found throughout the entire north hemisphere.  Common Ravens are very versatile, omnivores who are able to feed on a wide variety of foods and live in a even wider range of habitats.  They are very well known animal that is sometimes considered a pest to human populations.  The Common Raven is regularly a part of Hollywood movies, mythology, folklore and even evil superstitions.  Check out the rest of this article to continue learning about this cool birds.

How do you tell the difference between Crows and Common Ravens?

Crows and Common Ravens look practically identical, but once you learn to identify the two they won't look the same ever again.  We have broken down some of the differences below.

  • Ravens for starters are larger then Crows
  • Ravens have a larger, thicker beak.
  • Ravens have a tail with a pointed end and Crows have a tail with a flat end.
  • Ravens are usually solitary or with a mate and Crows are usually in flocks
  • Ravens have more of a "gargling kaa" call and Crows have more of a "Kaa" call.

How tall is a Common Raven?

The Common Raven is one of the largest birds in the Corvid family, also being one of the largest Passerine birds it can weigh in at 2.5 lbs and stand about 25 inches tall. They are a very recognizable bird that stand just under knee high.

Where do Common Ravens live?

They are very widely dispersed birds who are capable of living in numerous habitats and climates.  The have been recorded in hot desert climates  all the way to snowy mountainous climates. Ravens are capable of occupying forested and heavily wooded areas and are also found in open coastal areas near coastal bluffs.

What are these birds a sign of?

Common Ravens are constantly caught in some weird stories or superstitions and there are usually associated with bad luck or a bad omen in westernized countries. I guess there is something about them that give people the creeps. There are dozens of stories and myths that follow this bird including some that say they are the ghosts of murdered people. But, don't worry defenders Common Ravens are not evil, nor are they looking to eat our hearts to gain out knowledge.

If you want to learn more detailed facts about these beautiful and intelligent animals then head over to the Common Raven Fact sheet. We will also be taking a look in more detail at the Corvid Family, so don't forget to explore the entire Bird Center to learn more.

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