Crocodiles Of the World-UK!

Hey Defenders!  I know we are located in Los Angeles, Ca, but today our feature company is company all the way out of Oxfordshire, United Kingdom! This awesome place is called the Crocodiles of the World and from what we have been told it is the only, crocodile ONLY zoo in the world!  That's right defenders!   These guys are dedicated to the well being and conservation of all members of the order Crocodilia!  Crocodiles of the World has soo many cool package and things to do- that we have been wanting to take the entire Critter Squad team there!  The majority of what they do is based on educating the public and they also have a super cool website!  Be sure to check out everything they do for the world of Crocs and let them know how much you support their educational work!

We have added a link below for you to review and if you have a special organization that if involved with wildlife education that you want to see listed here- then contact our main office and we would be happy to give them they own tile!

Thank you Crocodiles of the World for educating people on wildlife everyday!

Keep Exploring Defenders!