Dangerous Animals

Our planet is filled with wonderfully unique organisms. From creatures that can regenerate body parts, to parasites and blood suckers...from the cutest and cuddliest, all the way to those scary creepers, life on earth is extremely diverse! While many animals have formed strong bonds with humans, and we've created whole new breeds of species that add another member to many families...there are some animals that are just too dangerous to deal with! Whether they have intense poison or venom, or perhaps a very prickly exterior, some animals just are better left in the care of experts or in the wild. Some are just too big! And then there are some that only want a human in their life...if it's for dinner!

Well these animals are still beautiful and amazing all in their own ways, and deserve that same love and respect we give to kittens and puppies even if we have to respect them from a distance. Here's a list of just some of the unique animals on our planet that are just way too dangerous for us humans to spend too much time with!

  • The Cone Snail - this animal may be little, but it's definitely not one you want in your garden! They are one of the most venomous species of snails on the entire planet, and are nicknamed the "cigarette snail" - because their venom can kill an adult in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.
  • The Black Mamba - Not just a nickname for Kobe, these wonderful snakes are as vicious as they are beautiful. Another extremely venomous creature, not only are they packed with a lethal bite, but they are FAST! Reaching speeds of roughly 12 miles per hour, these nimble snakes are hard to escape. Even though they only really choose to strike when truly threatened or agitated, it's always better to leave these guys alone and keep a good distance away.
  • The Hippopotamus - Africa has tons of strong and deadly animals, from Lions to Crocodiles...however the Hippo has to be the one that takes the cake. They are extremely territorial creatures and it doesn't matter who or what disturbs them, they are ready to attack and defend their home. With huge teeth and a massively strong force of their bite, being face to face with an angry hippo can be the scariest thing in the world! And don't let their size fool you - they can still reach speeds of 20 miles per hour, and have no problem chasing humans when agitated.
  • The Saltwater Crocodile - Being the biggest reptile on the planet comes with some perks, and the saltwater crocodile is not only an apex predator, but extremely aggressive as well. They've got massive tails for swiping, intensely powerful jaws, and just look like a monster out of a horror movie! This is one animal where the bark is nowhere near the bite, as they hold the record of the most powerful bite ever tested!
  • The Cassowary - Cassowaries have a unique and distinct look, and are the second largest birds on earth after the Ostrich. But the Cassowary holds the distinction of being the most dangerous bird, because they will attack repeatedly when provoked. Their claw strikes can break the bones of a human, and will even jump over their target to attack them from all angles when they're really angry.

Talk about scary! Luckily, mankind understands how dangerous these animals are and usually have our cities and society away from where these animals inhabit. But remember these are only 5 of the most dangerous - there are tons more big, venomous, poisonous, and downright ferocious animals out there, so always be careful in the wild!

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