Dickcissel: The Only Member Of Spiza

Ahhh... this week we have such a little cutie as our focus animal.  It's the Dickcissel and boy are they cute.  They are Passerine birds that are known as the only living member in their genus Spiza.   Dickcissels are seeding and insect eating birds with a large beak for their body size and their are grouped with other birds like the Cardinals, Grossbeaks and Tanagers.

The name Dickcissel actually translates to the American Finch and they are often confused with other smaller birds, like the House Sparrow, since they have a similar body style and shape.  Dickcissels also migrate and they migrate in huge flocks! When in large numbers these little birds can be considered pests because they are know to wipe out farm stocks, like grains.

Dickcissels are awesome little birds, but they are small, weighing around 1 ounce and reaching around 6 inches in total length. If you are bird watching you can spot them by the yellow on their face and chest, along with a black V under the beak.  Their tile in the kids zone goes over other details about the birds, including a fact sheet and a dickcissel quiz that you can test yourselves on. The Dickcissel are an important part of the Passerine family, but you can learn about others in the Passerine tile.

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