Do Frogs And Toads Give You Warts?

The world is filled with rumors and superstitions around animals.  From black cats being bad luck, or Pink River Dolphins being past humans superstitions tend to change from person to person or location to location.

Today we are focusing on toads and it has long been believed that toads will give you warts.  In fact when I was a kid and used to collect toads I remember that people would say if a toad were to piss on you then you would get warts.  Well, for starters I have been peed on by numerous toads and I have never gotten a single wart and I have touch hundreds of toads have never gotten a wart from that either.

The simple truth is that toads or frogs (or their pee) will not give you warts.  This rumor comes from the fact that the toads are bumpy and warty themselves. So, back in the day people would think that when you touched a frog that you would get warts in return.  Well you don't have to worry, this is not true.  The wart that would grow on one of us humans is caused by a virus.

Don't forget that toads are fragile and toxic, so you need to be careful handling them. Make sure to be careful and do research before picking up strange frogs or toads and always wash your hands after.

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