Encountering Wild Mammals

Have you ever gone camping with your family and seen a bear? Or maybe a wolf? What about a deer? Some of us probably have encountered wild mammals at some point in our lives, perhaps even out on a hike. So what exactly do you do when a wild mammal is close to you? Scream and runaway? Or, maybe even get closer to the animal! Well, none of these answers are correct, now let's find out why! As much as we love animals and want to be around them, we must also learn to respect their space and protect ourselves. To continue, wild mammals approach camp sites and other natural areas where humans roam because they are hungry. As much as you might get scared, they also get scared and risk their life in search for food. Here's a list of tips that you can follow in order to keep yourself safe and the wild mammal safe:

  1. Be noisy! Try to make noise all the time so you don't surprise any animal
  2. Avoid going off hiking trails
  3. Keep your distance! Do not approach and surprise an animal
  4. Do not startle a mother with her babies
  5. Back away from big mammals and reroute
  6. Do not run from the animal
  7. Do not approach, harass, or feed any type of wildlife (keep your food to yourself)
  8. Store your food properly

As mentioned earlier, we all love wildlife and would like to experience being close to wild mammals but we have to respect them since we are in their home. Also, we must keep ourselves as safe as possible. Thank you wildlife defenders!

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