Giant Lizards

Iguanas, Monitor Lizards, and Tegus are a few groups of really large lizards which have become popular among animal lovers. These three groups of lizards contain some massive individuals that grow to unbelievable sizes. The largest and most well known of the giant lizards is the Komodo Dragon!  These guys are huge!! Komodo Dragons are found on an Indonesian Island chain and are most well known for being found on the Island of Komodo. They can grow up to 10 feet in length and weigh in at close to 150 lbs! Komodo Dragons have massive tails and very strong arms, legs, and claws for digging around and protecting themselves from other Komodo Dragons. Another large monitor lizard and close behind the Komodo Dragon in size, is the Crocodile Monitor. They are an arboreal lizard found mainly in Papua New Guinea.

Monitor Lizards are not the only large lizards in town.

In fact, a more well known group of giant lizards are the Iguanas. Granted, they do not get as big as a Komodo Dragon, but they are giant to say the least. Rock Iguanas, Marine Iguanas, Green Iguanas, and many other species also have large powerful legs and arms for climbing and digging, and they have incredibly sharp claws for climbing. The Green Iguanas are one of the largest in the Iguana family and they can grow up to 6ft in length. The majority of this is tail length, but that is still a massive lizard. Rhino Iguanas are a super cool species that also gets to be about 5-6 feet in length and have been known to weigh more than Green Iguanas.


Here is a list of some Giant Lizards:



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