Giant Snakes

Snakes are literally my favorite animal and I love teaching people that snakes are really not that bad.  There are some snakes that can be a little scary if you are a beginner to the snake world like venomous snakes, really fast snakes, and giant snakes. Any of those snakes that I just mentioned are pretty much harmless when you leave them alone, but my favorite of the snake world are the big snakes. These are the Pythons and Boas! Pythons and Boas are majestic snakes that are usually on the larger size but not always. In fact, the majority of boas are relatively small and don’t get too large. Some boas do get big, but the largest of the boas don’t usually grow more than 8 ft in size. Most of the world’s largest species of snakes are pythons and many of these snakes get truly massive. There are some pythons that don’t get as big and actually stay small, like the Children’s Pythons, but others like the Reticulated Python are the largest snakes on planet earth.

There is one boa that truly matches up to the size of some of these enormous snakes and that is the Anaconda! Yes everyone, the Anaconda is actually a boa species… and a really big one too.  The Green Anaconda is the world's heaviest snake and can weigh up to 550 lbs when full grown. The majority of other boas tend to stay on the smaller more slender side.


Here is a list of some large python and boa species


  • Reticulated Python
  • Scrub Python
  • Burmese Python
  • African Rock Python
  • Red Tail Boa Constrictor
  • Dumerils Boa
  • Rainbow Boa


Pythons and boas are constrictors and great at hunting prey. They have very special methods for tracking down food and capturing them with their spring loaded bites. We have so much more information for you to learn in the kids zone, so head on over to our reptile center to learn more reptile facts!  See you there defenders!

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